Sunday, July 12, 2009

American right-wing input to Conservative campaign

From the website Crooks and Liars, this offering by Susie Madrak.

Dennis Kucinich exposes lies about Canadian healh care system and whacks this ignorant young man up the side of the head.

Why is a young conservative like David Gratzer so much more scary than an old conservative? This guy grew up in Canada (but so did David Frum), and he's a PSYCHIATRIST. Ye gods and little fishes!

He even extended the lies to this article, The Ugly Truth About Canadian Health Care.

This article is linked at the above site and here's the direct link as well. Click on the button at the upper right for the full PDF report.

American right pours money into Conservative campaign

Since the HarpoCons wouldn't tell us where their campaign funding came from (they don't have to, so there!), perhaps this might open up a few eyes to the mindset of Harper and his bestest buddies.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Calgary Stampede meets Dr. Strangelove

Nice to see the the grande fromage of the Canadian military, Walter Natynczyk, can find time to yuk it up at the Calgary Stampede with his buddy David Petraeus. I guess this is part of Petraeus' charm offensive to convince Canadians, more than 60% of whom are against the whole thing as it is now, to commit even more young people and money to the sausage grinder that is Afghanistan.

Never mind. The military contractors and arms dealers are making out like bandits.

The Calgary Stampede meets Dr. Strangelove

This is on the same day that the 121st Canadian soldier, Cpl. Nick Bulger died after his vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Kandahar. All the newspaper reports pointed out that a senior commander riding in a vehicle ahead just narrowly missed being blown to smithereens, as if this was somehow a fortunate thing. Cpl. Bulger's wife and two little girls probably wouldn't agree.