Thursday, February 22, 2007

With friends like this...

Hugh Segal, long-time "red" Tory and Conservative party loyalist, even thought the Conservative party just ain't what it used to be, who was appointed to the Senate by the outgoing Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin, has been booted out of a job.

"Privately, Liberals speculated that Segal had been on the outs with the Conservative leadership over different positions he had taken. For example, Segal's committee put out a highly critical report last week on the government's aid strategy in Africa.

He also recently urged his government to investigate the treatment and the demands of terror suspects being held at Millhaven penitentiary in Kingston, Ont. And during debate on the Federal Accountability Act, Harper's marquee legislation, Segal voted against the government on one of the measures."

It couldn't possibly be because Segal disagrees with some of Our Great Leaders policies, could it? Nooooo...surely not. Harper isn't a petty, vindictive, control freak.

Hold on a minute.

Oh, yeah - he is.

Harper starting to show true colours

Stack the courts? Go ahead, Mr. Harper, just like your buddies to the south in the Bush administration. Make sure your malevolent influence continues to poison the discourse long after your own minority administration is consigned to the rubbish bin of history.

Also, a very nice attack on Navdeep Bains, the Liberal MP whose father-in-law may, or may not, have been questioned concerning the Air India bombing twenty-two years ago. What was it all about? We don't know, but Harper is going to throw as much mud (I'm being polite) as he can, just like caged and enraged gorillas in a zoo.

Whatever political hay Conservative spin-doctors are trying to make of a recent poll about Harper's government, they show that he really hasn't made any significant gains in the polls. Within the margin of error, he's pretty much where he before.

The only place he achieved a majority was in the question of whether he had a strong vision for the country. He does, but it's one that two-thirds of the country doesn't share.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Ah, yes, Conservative attack ads are upon us again. Harper and his portly buddies are starting to resemble the Daleks on Dr. Who as they roll their rotund bodies onto the stage, wave their arms around and proclaim loudly in that grating voice, "Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate...".

You can watch them all on the Conservative Attack Ad website, where you can even contribute to help spread the love, (they need a lot - they bought a space during the Super Bowl), or you might even help to defray their legal costs for copyright violation.

But, since the attack ads were most found to be a complete waste of time and money, I shouldn't bother. Obviously these guys have money to throw around.

If they ever form a majority government, they'll have lots more, but it will be yours and mine.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Three Stooges

I hope you haven't just eaten when you see this picture of "Curly" Baird, "Larry" Harper, and Harper's "new" best friend "Moe" Charest, present leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, formerly a federal Conservative.

What the heck, eh? Since party names don't mean much anymore and loyalty to any one party is bought and sold, let's scrap the party system and vote for individuals without party affiliation who are deserving of the office.

Baird Emits Greenhouse Gases

Not content with pointing fingers, a bullying manner and an appearance of impending apoplexy when speaking in Parliament, the newly minted federal environment minister John Baird is now misquoting Al Gore by saying or implying that Gore supports Harper's environmental policies. This is the same John Baird who was instrumental in getting Ottawa's light rail system scrapped to settle a political score. Juvenile and dangerous.

Gore, of course, was applauding Canada's previous support of the Kyoto accord which Harper and his buddies scrapped as soon as they got into office, saying that the Kyoto limits were unattainable and would cause the collapse of the Canadian economy.

These fatuous assertions remind me of bar and restaurant owners who warn of financial collapse if they are required to run smoke-free establishments, only to find that business picks up when customers no longer have to risk disease and death to have a meal or a drink.

Now, Harper is dispensing $1.5 billion dollars to the provinces to develop emission-reduction technologies. Excuse me if I don't hold my breath while waiting to see how that turns out. Or maybe I'll have to. A repeat of last summer's orange air for days on end may require it.

Although neither the present nor the previous Environment ministers appear to have many qualifications for the job, at least Rona Ambrose has better hair.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Harper's Real Agenda

Not fooled by Harper's sudden lurch toward the center? You're not alone. Have a look at this article linked from the website, Manifest destiny will have to wait for majority by Scott Piatkowski.

Once saying in a voice dripping with contempt that climate change was a myth (he based his fund-raising efforts on it), Harper is now greener than Kermit the Frog. (Sorry, Kermit.)

If Stephen Harper and his "we march in lock-step and speak with one voice" (neo)Conservatives make you nervous now, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Meanwhile, the Conservative MP for Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington sends this notice out to his constituents :

"Scott Reid will vote 'Yes' to scrapping the gun registry - but he needs to know your opinion." (The text in bold font appeared in the original notice.)

There follows a request for your name, street number and e-mail address.

Well, Mr. Reid, you've already made up your mind, so why do you need input from the constituents you won't be listening to anyway? More sinister still - why do you need their street addresses?

Mr. Reid followed exactly the same procedure before he voted to reopen the debate on gay marriage, which made Canada look like bigoted, regressive fools. That, I'm happy to say, was roundly defeated.

Hugh Segal, former Progressive Conservative agitator and now a Senator appointed by the last Liberal prime minister (it didn't stop him taking the appointment, though) said in a late 2006 interview with Alan Gregg on TVO that the (neo)Conservatives had trouble with what they called the "yahoo" section at first, the extreme right wing of the Reform/Alliance types that make up the bulk of the party. They had the habit of inconveniently expressing their ignorance and bigotry again and again in public for television cameras and reporters. They have been firmly sat upon now. No one is allowed to express an independent opinion.

I prefer to call them the "God and Guns" crowd. They have nothing to fear from me, but I wish I could feel the same way about them. Holding beliefs in imaginary beings and being armed to the teeth at the same time is a frightening combination.