Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Baird Emits Greenhouse Gases

Not content with pointing fingers, a bullying manner and an appearance of impending apoplexy when speaking in Parliament, the newly minted federal environment minister John Baird is now misquoting Al Gore by saying or implying that Gore supports Harper's environmental policies. This is the same John Baird who was instrumental in getting Ottawa's light rail system scrapped to settle a political score. Juvenile and dangerous.

Gore, of course, was applauding Canada's previous support of the Kyoto accord which Harper and his buddies scrapped as soon as they got into office, saying that the Kyoto limits were unattainable and would cause the collapse of the Canadian economy.

These fatuous assertions remind me of bar and restaurant owners who warn of financial collapse if they are required to run smoke-free establishments, only to find that business picks up when customers no longer have to risk disease and death to have a meal or a drink.

Now, Harper is dispensing $1.5 billion dollars to the provinces to develop emission-reduction technologies. Excuse me if I don't hold my breath while waiting to see how that turns out. Or maybe I'll have to. A repeat of last summer's orange air for days on end may require it.

Although neither the present nor the previous Environment ministers appear to have many qualifications for the job, at least Rona Ambrose has better hair.

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