Sunday, February 28, 2010

Harper at the Olympics

Our glorious leader, Stephen Harpericus, on the Canadian hockey team:

"Man for man, our team is the superior team but let's not kid ourselves, the most consistent team in this tournament to date has been Team USA," Harper said in an interview on CTV.

Don't overdo the enthusiam there, Stevo.

He also has advice for them on how to win. If I were them, I wouldn't take any winning advice from him.

He had our hopes up for a minute with this statement on short-track speed skating.

"That was the most exciting event I've ever been at in my life. I think I almost had a heart attack before it was over," Harper said.

Don't you have to have a heart first?

Ah, well.

There's always the hockey game this afternoon, though.


  1. Perhaps Harper, and Obama could be judges for a new venue for the winter olympics.

    Competing Drones on ice.

  2. Nice to see Canada beat Ignatieff's "we Americans" to win Hockey GOLD

  3. Olympic hockey is a much better game than the NHL stuff. No stopping every two minutes to beat your opponents to a pulp - just lightning play. It was a good game, very close. Sidney Crosby is a really nice guy. I hope he stays that way.

    I imagine most of Nova Scotia will be taking the day off to sleep off the - uh - excitement.

    RZ - Drones on Ice. It has potential. They'd have to control them from thousands of miles away, though. :)

    Rotterdam - howdy to a fellow Canuck.