Saturday, September 11, 2010

Massive casualties

The commander of Canadian forces in Afghanistan has said that a "flurry" of activities will occur in the fall and into next year.

When I read this, my heart sank - just when I thought it couldn't sink any further.

'Massive activities' from Canadian troops coming in Afghanistan: Lieutenant-General

"There’ll be a flurry of military operations starting with the major ones this fall, (and) there’ll be other ones certainly in the winter and spring," said Lt.-Gen. Lessard, head of Canadian Expeditionary Force Command. "We’re ready to launch."

Massive activites will lead to massive casualties but they don't seem to care.

Then comes the usual crippled logic for the whole thing.

If Canadian troops do not improve conditions in the districts before leaving next year, their sacrifices since 2006 will have been wasted, he suggested.

I can't believe that anybody with more than two functioning neurons is still using that stupid justification for mass death - of civilians and of soldiers.


  1. This is Code speak from the Masters of War.

    More must die, so we can justify our presence.
    More must die so our soldiers did not die in vain.
    Any civil society would call this murder.
    Yet we call it war.

  2. Canadians are peace loving, beer loving people. Ontarians especially. How did they end up with an execrable government like the one they have.

  3. I've recently finished reading the Lytton Strachey bio of Gordon of Khartoum. A sort of nineteenth century version of Petraeus only with some charisma. Sorry if you know this already but The Mahdi, a religious, political leader in Sudan defeated Gordon and the British and Egyptian Empire builders at Khartoum when he died of natural causes just as he was about to build Sudan as an Islamic nation. This was 1885 but The Mahdi's speeches are the prototype for Islamic nationalism today if you care to look them up. He was a true nation builder. His death created a space for the Egyptians and British to invade and pollute all over again. Think Iraq.