Saturday, April 14, 2007

Drink Canada Dry

Harpercrits and the Conference Board of Canada are busy arranging the sale of our vital resources, including water and energy, to the U.S. Since the U.S. is running out of water and energy due to their massive overconsumption and refusal to conserve or alter their lifestyle in any way, the country to the north is the new place to pillage. The fate of other countries that have what the U.S. wants should give us a foretaste of what will happen to us.

[N]orth America, and particularly the United States and Mexico, will experience water scarcity as a result of arid climates coupled with growing populations and increased water consumption.

...One such option could be regional agreements between Canada, the United States, and Mexico on issues such as water consumption, water transfers, artificial diversions of fresh water, water conservation technologies for agricultural irrigation, and urban consumption.

...Water control presents even greater challenges, because international water policy is primarily rooted in decentralized state laws in the United States and in provincial statutes in Canada. Consequently, the federal governments of these two countries have limited jurisdiction over water control issues.

Since provinces, municipalities, and other local groups now have jurisdiction over these resources, the secret meeting at the end of April will discuss ways of wresting this control away from them and into the sweaty hands of the New Canadian Government. They will justify this removal by either fear-mongering or disguising it as a benefit.

When did losing control of the necessities of life to a government that nobody trusts suddenly become a good thing? Since the (neo)Conservatives told you so. Now, just lie back, close your eyes and think of Stevie or Peter. It will make what is about to happen much nicer.

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