Monday, May 21, 2007

Questions? I don't have to answer any goddamn questions!

Harper's mortal fear (or contempt) of the press has gone so far as to keep the press locked up in a room until he has made a getaway. The RCMP deny they held the doors shut, effectively confining reporters to a room, until His Highness King Stephen the Stout has removed himself from the fray, although someone on the outside of the room clearly saw them.

RCMP closes Parliamentary Press Gallery president's complaint on PMO security

...[A]t both events, Mr. Brennan said reporters were prevented from leaving the halls until after the Prime Minister had left. At the Flag Day incident, for instance, he said two security personnel held the door shut to prevent reporters from leaving the school gymnasium.

...As he [Stephen Harper] zipped by, they just shut the door on us," he [Brennan] said. People pushed on the door, but security held it shut, he said. "Security for what? Then they let us out after he was gone. It was pretty stupid."

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