Saturday, May 26, 2007

War is auto-cannibalism

General Rick Hillier, who, the last time I looked, was the Chief of Defense Staff, has now started putting his two cents in on economic policy.

Balancing trade with U.S. a challenge: Hillier

...[G]en. Rick Hillier spoke to the Economic Club of Toronto today on Canada's continuing mission in Afghanistan, and highlighted the important role the economy plays in supporting a war effort.

What a glorious future - working to support war. Take your profits and pour them into munitions, tanks, weapons of mass destruction. It's like auto-cannibalism. Your appetites will eventually kill you.

But some guys will get really, really rich. And you can bet whatever part of your body you like that none of these guys or their heirs will ever set foot in war zone. After all, they're dangerous. A guy could get killed!

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