Saturday, April 10, 2010

Twenty minutes of sanity with Andrew Bacevich

Why isn't anyone listening to this guy?
"...I'm sure this sounds too simplistic. It would be way too simplistic for people in Washington. But if you want to get out of a war, you get out of a war."
Andrew Bacevich talking to Bill Moyers on April 9, 2010.


  1. Thanks: Great interview.
    ---military leaders do not see a military solution, or victory---. very telling.
    Mac and his black/ops. He does what he does best. Except now it has gotten the better of him.

    At 8:50 on the time left ticker on the right. He seems to get tongue twisted, he is very careful with his words. To me it sounded like he wanted to talk about who this war really benefits, but he chose a different path. I sensed a little bit of Gen. Smedley D. Butler coming out of him. LOL

  2. RZ, it's very hard to watch Bacevich speak sometimes because sooner or later the memory of his son, who was killed by an IED in Iraq in 2007, surfaces, and he can't keep it from showing on his face. Although he never talks about it, it's always there.

    I envy his history students. He must be a good teacher.

    The people who make gazillions out of war never put themselves or their families in a position of losing anything. There should be a Gen. Smedley Butler Day, like Martin Luther King. Instead of "I have a dream" there would be "War is a Racket!" posters everywhere.

    I think I'm probably dreaming, though.

  3. Ya, but it is a good dream.
    I bet his classes have a waiting list.
    Be prepared for a long hot summer my friend.
    The terrain will look a lot different come this winter. And I am not just talking about the snow-fall in Afghanistan.
    The fuses are all in place, beware of False Flags.