Friday, July 09, 2010

Jeremy Dwyer - nineteen-year-old hero

This guy gives me great hope for the future of Canada. Jeremy Dwyer is a human rights activist and artist. He was chosen to represent Newfoundland in an exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg.

When he found out minutes beforehand that Harper would be attending an making a photo-op out of it, he told museum staff that he would not shake hands with Stephen Harper. As Harper made his way down the line, the staff asked Mr. Dwyer to step back so he would not even be given the opportunity to politely decline the handshake.

Then they lied about it.

"...[a] spokesperson told the Telegram newspaper that Dwyer stepped back on his own because he was overwhelmed.

“That's just a ridiculous statement,” said Dwyer. “Stephen Harper does not overwhelm me.”

N.L. teen refuses to shake PM's hand

Bravo, Mr. Dwyer! You are one of the bravest of the millions and millions who are completely underwhelmed by this man.


  1. Every country needs people like him.

    A hand shake is a sign of greeting and respect.
    Politicians deserve neither.

  2. I am thrilled Mr. Dwyer communicated his beliefs so effectively! And elegantly, too... I probably would have turned it into a scene ;-)

  3. RZ - Jeremy Dwyer sounds great, doesn't he? I'll have to check out his art and see what it's like.

    Milena, I know what you mean. I get an allergic reaction just seeing a picture of the guy. A personal appearance, not to mention any kind of contact, would probably cause full-blown anaphylaxis. :)

  4. Anonymous3:20 a.m.

    yeah it was really "brave" lol, you guys are so dumb

  5. Anonymous12:35 a.m.

    "You are one of the bravest of the millions and millions."

    Right. try to decly shaking hands with the likes of dictators in the Third World and see what happens then. it's easy to be stupid when you know you're head isn't going to be chopped of.

    this wasn't bravery. it was arrogance and sheer stupidity.

  6. Anon - you're entitled to your opinion. I still think they guy had guts. Better than the servile sycophants who surround Harper.

    Why would third-world dictators come to mind when I mentioned Harper?