Friday, July 16, 2010

Officer Bubbles

Looks like a billion dollars was well spent. This "police officer" was venting his probably steroid-induced rage at a young woman blowing - oh my GAWD - bubbles at him. I felt sorry for the young woman police officer standing by this thug in his armoured, shaved-headed, bug-eye-sunglassed glory who demanded "respect".

The world needs saving from bubble-blowers.

You know, in all my years on earth I have never heard of even one bubble-induced injury. And the jerk tried to make out that it was the woman cop he was "protecting". She was handling this situation just fine until robocop tried to start something. Was he a real cop or a rent-a-thug, I wonder?

Support REAL NEWS.


  1. LOL
    "Rent a thug"
    Unfortunately we will be seeing more of this.
    Wait till the money starts running out for the unemployed, underemployed, people getting foreclosed upon.
    The real news network is great.

  2. RZ - it's a scary thought. Outsourcing police and military security to private companies is a false economy. They don't have the training, the support or the motivation to do their job properly or according to the guidelines that took centuries to work out.

    But they're cheap. No pensions, no unions, no salary guarantees, no benefits.

    And dangerous.