Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free F-35's with every frozen settlement

While defense minister Peter MacKay and Prime Minister Stephen Harper are tying themselves in knots trying to justify the ever-larger number of billions of dollars they're going to spend on the useless hunk of flying electronic junk called the F-35, they missed out on the "Free F-35's with that" offer. All you have to do is freeze a settlement for three months.

We have some that are already pre-frozen, for more than three months every year - Tuktoyaktuk, Inuvik, Alert - and many more. Heck. Most of settled Canada is frozen for at least three months a year.

How many F-35's to we get for that?

Or is the offer not available in North America?

"This weekend, the Obama administration promised to turn over $3 billion in stealth fighters to Israel (supplementing the 20 F-35s it will buy with the $2.75 billion in "grants" it gets from Washington) and veto any U.N. resolution that questions Israel's legitimacy -- all in exchange for Israel's pledge to extend a ten-month partial settlement moratorium for another 90 days."

Obama's Embarrassing gift to Israel by Mark Perry

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