Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Canadian panel starts its work - but won't consult Canadians

The arrogant Mr. Harper and his advisors have started their work. While they discuss how to continue the war in Afghanistan indefinitely, and then make a report saying what a wonderful idea that would be, they have thoughtfully left out the great Canadian hordes who might object to this.

The Harper War panel - helping to spread "democracy" in Afghanistan while completely ignoring it in Canada. They don't want our opinions, just our money.

This, from an Afghan news source.

A Canadian panel, appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to look into the future of Canadas mission in Afghanistan, has begun its work.

Informed sources told Pajhwok Afghan News the five-member panel headed by former deputy prime minister John Manley had its first meeting over the weekend at its office in downtown Ottawa. Moving at a fast pace, it recruited officials from the government.

As details of the meeting were not immediately available, sources indicated the panel discussed the process to be adopted to carry forward its mandate and submit recommendations to the Harper administration before the deadline of January 2008 expired.
The panel is believed to have decided against holding public hearings to solicit people's opinion on the future of Canadas mission in Afghanistan, an issue that has generated a heated political debate at home.

Due to vocal opposition to the presence of Canadian forces in Afghanistan, the Harper government has been compelled several times to go on the defensive, with his opponents calling for withdrawal of troops from Kandahar.

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