Thursday, October 11, 2007

Scuzz 'R Us - Harperites install the governments they want and you thought you voted for

Didn't get the government you wanted? Didn't get the candidate you thought you voted for?

Look no further than the New (neo)Conservative government's interference in municipal elections and thoroughtly scuzzy financing practices. You want to see the whole country go down the drain? Vote these guys into a majority and sit back and watch it happen.

Political interference charges dog Conservatives

Under investigation: allegations of meddling in municipal politics, and inflated rebates through in-and-out campaign financing.

"Charges are still before the courts that O'Brien tried to bribe his political rival Terry Kilrea into dropping out of the 2006 mayoral race. Part of the deal may have included an appointment facilitated by Baird. Kilrea has charged in a court affidavit that in July, O'Brien offered to help Kilrea secure a job on the National Parole Board and to give him $30,000 for campaign expenses if he dropped from the race."

"...Then the candidates claimed public funding for these advertising payments, which they claimed to be local spending. Public funding is given to local riding associations on the basis of actual campaign expenses, so these in-an-out transfers were used to inflate the size of local campaign budgets and, as a result, the size of federal rebates. Through the exchange of cheques, the Conservatives claimed millions in tax subsidies for their campaign."

"..Shortly after this news surfaced in September, Stephen Harper launched the Muslim veil controversy, which, with the excitement over the by-election, has deflected attention from in-and-out financing, at least until the Chief Electoral Officer reports again."

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