Monday, October 01, 2007

Disappearing the wounded

Although every military death in Afghanistan is reported, even though Stephen Harper and his New Canadian government did its best to keep photographers and news people away, it seems like the rapidly increasing numbers of the wounded - some severely - aren't reported anymore.

If you want to keep a war going, even the war with less and less support every day, you just keep the disturbing statistics away from Canadians. If we really knew, then support might drop futher.

What the hell. Who cares about democracy? Certainly not the department of Defense, which is becoming less and less about defense and more and more about agression. Since CSIS is now CSIA, when will the DoD become the Hexagon or the Octagon?

More Canadians injured, fewer reported

[T]hat tells a tale now rarely talked about: a great many Canadian soldiers are being injured in Afghanistan. And we’re not hearing about it.

[A] new policy has clearly emerged. Deaths are still reported but injuries are not, unless one of two scenarios exists. The first is if the injury is so severe, it may very well result in death. The second is if journalists already know about it.

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