Thursday, June 10, 2010

Canada is least in Venezuela

You learn something new every day.

Canada is really earning its stripes as the Israel's new BFF in the whole world.

This from Yves Engler, Montreal activist.

When will Canadians demand Ottawa stand up for justice for Palestinian people?

Compared to Ottawa’s cheerleading, most of the world was hostile to Israel’s actions [Gaza massacre]. Many countries criticized the killing of civilians. In solidarity with Gaza, Venezuela expelled Israel’s ambassador at the start of the bombardment and broke off all diplomatic relations two weeks later. Israel didn’t need to worry, since Ottawa was prepared to help out. The Canadian Embassy in Caracas took over Israel’s diplomatic relations there. Canada officially became Israel, at least in Venezuela.

I'm so proud (not).

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  1. Soon Canada will have to choose its own destiny.

    For its own good it can no longer hide in the shadows of the U.S. and Britain.