Friday, June 04, 2010

Setting up North Korea

I'm not a big fan of totalitarian dictatorships but the recent attempt to put North Korea in the crosshairs for something it didn't do is either foolish, willfully mendacious or insane.

So, in answer to my question of "Why the hell would they do that?", the following articles clear things up a bit. It was either a "friendly fire" incident by a U.S. mine laying operation while it was playing war games with South Korea in the area, which was then lied about and covered up, or it was an accident by the South Korean vessel colliding with a reef.

At first, the U.S. in the person of Hillary Clinton managed to ramp up thoughts of war in the area and wring a new base on Okinawa from the Japanese, causing the downfall of the coalition government and the frustration of the wishes of the people who live on that beleaguered island.

After the dust settled and the new base was assured, everyone else started using the real story to their advantage, wringing concessions from the U.S. - more money to South Korea, more diplomatic and economic leverage from China, more influence on both sides by Russia.

So, here are the theories, all of which make more sense that the North Korean explanation.

A U.S. rising mine sank the Cheonan in a friendly-fire accident.

U.S. mine theory from another perspective

U.S. mine theory - part three

Russia's involvement in the region

And last but certainly not least, John Pilger on illusions that lead to real consequences, Korean and otherwise.


  1. To me it is real simple. Being just a street smarts guy. I pose one question. What did N/Korea have to gain from this?
    Answer- - Nothing.
    They are not suicidal.
    They want food, fuel, and to save face. Some thing is not right here. China is not going along with this scenario for a reason. We get S/Korean TV at my house. My wife who is Korean says that most of the country is not going for this. They want American bases out of S/Korea, and they want their leaders to speak of peace not war.

  2. RZ - You have an excellent connection to the Koreas, then. I'll refer any further questions on the subject to you. It seems that the governments and the people of most countries are miles apart on just about everything except when the government needs revenue. Then it's right there, hands in your pocket.

  3. I think I told you we are planning on moving there in 2 years. So I hope they do not nuke it. :-)
    I just find it odd that the U.S. and S/K were having maneuvers [gulf of tonkin] in the area at the same time. LOL. I have found that most people in most places are the same. It is those pesky Powers that be that keep insisting. My way or the highway.

  4. I hope they don't nuke it either. Exciting move. You must have a taste for adventure. I wish you and your wife the very best of luck and good fortune. You'd better keep blogging. Things are bound to be interesting there over the next few years.


    Also google the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. In case you are not familiar with it.

    THe only thing that can stop China and Asia is its self.

    I will be going to my first Tai Chi class tonight. :-)

  6. Pakistan and Iran have observer status in the SCO now just imagine what a game changer it would be if one or both were admitted.

  7. This is a great article about the generation gap in S/K.