Sunday, August 19, 2007

Let's call it woman's intuition

From Lana Payne - The Telegram (Newfoundland)

Women have good reason for not liking or voting for PM

"Stephen Harper has woman troubles.
Canadian women just don’t like him that much."

"...[A]ccording to recent polls, 71 per cent or more of Canadian women say they do not support Harper, and in Quebec it is even worse if you’re the prime minister of a minority government looking for a majority. As few as 14 per cent of Quebec women say they would vote for Harper.

"...[T]he voting gender gap and Afghanistan are the two biggest problems facing “Canada’s new government.” And they are intrinsically linked. Women tend not to support war.

"...[H]is caucus has a dismal 11 per cent female members, and he refuses to support measures that would increase female participation in his own party and in the political system. He took away child care. He told women advocating for equality that his government would no longer fund their work.

"...[C]anadian women have good reason not to trust, like or vote for Harper. And all the pretty faces and spin doctoring in the world aren’t likely to change their opinion of a guy who doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

"...[W]hat is as obvious as the reasons behind the cabinet shuffle is that the only interests Harper is interested in promoting are his own.

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