Monday, August 06, 2007

Who you gonna call?

Seems there is a "phantom Taliban government" operating north of Kandahar. It must be phantom, because many of the locals have never seen any Taliban in the region.

It's obvious we've got the wrong people on this.

In a case like this, who you gonna call?


Canadian soldiers from the Royal 22nd Regiment moved deep into hostile territory over the weekend, patrolling a vast region of Afghanistan known to be sympathetic to the Taliban

Canadian troops did not confront insurgents during this trek but they are convinced the territory is guided by a "phantom Taliban government."

...[A]t best, the reception from local villagers was polite and lukewarm, as most men and children - women are absent from public spaces in Afghan villages - watched the soldiers march with a mix of fear, mistrust and sometimes hostility in their eyes.

...[A]bad, speaking through an interpreter, said he had not seen NATO soldiers in the community for at least three years.

...[V]illagers said they have never had a problem with the Taliban. Some said the Taliban have never set foot in the region.

...[T]he International Security Assistance Force, of which Canada is a member, thinks otherwise.

..."[T]here is a phantom Taliban government here," said one officer.

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