Friday, August 17, 2007

Not in your job description

The Harper government's attempt to censor a report into the kidnapping and transporting to Syria for torture of Canadian citizen Maher Arar by the CIA is an attempt not only to cover the appropriate body parts of certain government officials, but also to protect Harper's bestest friends, the Americans.

Excuse me, Stevie, but your job is to preserve and protect the rights of Canadians. (I'm saying this with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but anyway...).

[Immigration and human rights lawyer] Lorne Waldman: The issue is one of protecting the Americans. The Harper government is much more interested in protecting the Americans than the Liberals were, due to Harper's own close alliance with George W. Bush. They tried to keep from the public the direct role of the CIA in order to protect the Americans from embarrassment. I also think this government would be much more sympathetic to the national security establishment....[W]e are sure [former public security minister] Stockwell Day was involved. Given the way Stephen Harper runs this government I can't believe he wasn't directly involved. It was a very political decision at the time.

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