Thursday, June 07, 2007

Backing stupid weapons - Harper loves Star Wars

There's nothing smart about either the weapons or the support for them. Harper thought they were a good idea from the beginning, wanted Canada to "get on board" when he was in opposition (just like the Iraq War - now that was a good idea), and would cosy up to the Bush administration if he had a majority in the House of Commons. His misrepresentation of Canada at the G8 summit is sleazy and embarassing.

Star Wars is expensive and useless - which makes the war profiteers and manufacturers of weapons of mass destruction happy, and the poor sods who end up paying for this useless garbage very unhappy. But who cares, eh, Stevie? When did you ever listen to anyone but yourself and your "base"?

From the Toronto Star today:

...[F]or New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton, Harper's statements this week amount to Canada all but officially signing on to Bush's missile plan.

..."[I]t seems to me that Mr. Harper is trying to do by the back door what he could never do by the front door if he faced Canadians, and that's to get Canada involved in an arms race, to support George Bush's manoeuvre, to expand the Star Wars undertaking," Layton said.

..."[I] think he's violating his own principles here, which were that Parliament should be deciding on such incredibly important matters of foreign policy," Layton said.

..."[T]his is all a part of Stephen Harper's desire to follow the instructions from the White House and to enter into a deeper and deeper integrated relationship in North America, with the United States. It's not where Canadians want to go, but it's clearly what he's had in his sights for some time."

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