Friday, June 15, 2007

Waging war to get oil to wage war

People are willing to make sacrifices in the name of conservation - energy, oil, etc. - unless they feel like a chump, the person who makes the sacrifice while others continue on their merry, wasteful ways, destroying people and the planet as they go to obtain the fuel necessary to continue destroying people and the planet.

From Tom Dispatch on June 14th:

The Pentagon as Global Gas-Guzzler

...[M]ichael Klare, expert on war and energy, and author of the indispensable book, Blood and Oil...

...[A]nd foreign wars, sad to say, account for but a small fraction of the Pentagon's total petroleum consumption. Possessing the world's largest fleet of modern aircraft, helicopters, ships, tanks, armored vehicles, and support systems -- virtually all powered by oil -- the Department of Defense (DoD) is, in fact, the world's leading consumer of petroleum. It can be difficult to obtain precise details on the DoD's daily oil hit, but an April 2007 report by a defense contractor, LMI Government Consulting, suggests that the Pentagon might consume as much as 340,000 barrels (14 million gallons) every day. This is greater than the total national consumption of Sweden or Switzerland.

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