Friday, June 22, 2007

Let's move Gitmo to Afghanistan

Oh, goodie! The U.S. is building a prison in Afghanistan to move some of its Guantanamo prisoners into. Great! It would be just as good as Cuba. Not in any of United States or its territories, so anything goes!

Is Canada going to be part of this too?

Deeper and deeper into the slime.

So - a huge foreign power with overwhelming military might invades your country and you fight back - and you're the crook? And somehow being repatriated to a U.S. run prison in your own country is supposed to make things better. You may be held without charge and tortured without oversight, but at least you're home.

I think I'm missing something.

US may move detainees to Afghan prison

WASHINGTON - The United States is helping build a prison in Afghanistan to take some prisoners now at Guantanamo Bay, but the White House said Friday it is not meant as an alternative to the detainee facility in Cuba.

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