Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More (neo)Conservative thuggery

Just when you think they've used all the dirty tricks in the book, the (neo)Conservative yes-men outdo themselves by attacking the David Suzuki Foundation with frequent and vindictive tax audits because its founder dares to question the government's non-policy on climate change.

Say goodbye to freedom of speech. Harper wants to control the entire country as firmly as he controls his caucus.

I didn't think it was possible to loathe these guys any more, but I've surprised myself.

From an article in today's Globe and Mail by Martin Mittelstaedt.

...[B]ut [David Suzuki]'s worried that shooting from the lips too often about federal politicians may have made his namesake environmental charity, the David Suzuki Foundation, the target of vindictive federal tax auditors.

...[M]any of Canada's large environmental groups are also federally recognized charities, and worry that aggressive criticism of government policies might lead to tax-audit retribution, but Mr. Suzuki is one of the few to raise such concerns publicly.

..."[C]ertainly I try very, very hard not to be partisan," Mr. Suzuki said, "but I still will criticize government for policy. I think that's the right of all people."

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