Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Too bad Harper didn't learn to read sooner

Looks like Stephen Harper is tapdancing backward as fast as he can away from the never ending War in Afghanistan. Too bad he had to needlessly extend it. But what's a few lives, - eh, Stevie?- when "punching above your weight" and your reputation as a world leader are what's important. Your mentors, Howard of Australia - now about to go down in ignominious defeat in the next election - and Bush, lame-duck president hearing the drums beating for impeachment - are no longer going to be on the world stage.

Fifty-two of the soldiers died on your watch, Stephen. People look at Canada now with wonder. Where are the peacekeepers? Where are the environmentalists? Where are the progressive, enlightened thinkers?

From Thomas Walkom in the Toronto Star:

Harper finally able to read the writing on the wall

..[F]irst, NATO's war against Afghan insurgents is not succeeding. Second, there is not enough political support for that war here at home.

...[C]anadian soldiers may be gung-ho about risking their lives in Kandahar, but those who pay their wages are not.

...[T]he United States, Canada and other allies invaded Afghanistan in retaliation for the terror attacks of 9/11. Exactly why it made sense to overthrow the government of Afghanistan for an outrage perpetrated by Saudis and planned in Germany was never explained.

...[W]e have 19 months to figure out what, if anything, we can usefully do in Afghanistan after Kandahar. Until then, Canadian soldiers will continue to die.

Have a nice summer, Mr. Harper.

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