Friday, June 22, 2007

With friends like this...

Gordon O'Connor, retired military man and former defense "industry" lobbyist, and now the Minister of Defense for the (neo)Conservative minority government of Canada, congratulated Donald Rumsfeld for his leadership and record of service in the War Against Terror (trademark pending).

An access to information request turned up these nuggets, as reported in the Globe and Mail today.

"As you leave office, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your many achievements as Secretary of Defence, and to recognize the significant contribution you have made in the fight against terrorism," Mr. O'Connor wrote on Dec. 15.

He goes on to speak of how the campaign against terror has been a "challenging undertaking, one that will require painstaking effort."

"Here we have been privileged to benefit from your leadership in addressing the complex issues in play," Mr. O'Connor wrote. "Your record of service has been a credit to your country. I wish you well in your future endeavours."

At least the representatives of the rest of Canada, the majority in the country who are being completely ignored, have brains and integrity.

"I don't think Canada has benefited from the leadership of Rumsfeld or George Bush and I think I'm with a majority of Canadians in stating that and perhaps now with a majority of Americans," NDP defence critic Dawn Black said.

And now we come down to the real reason.

John McCallum, a former Liberal defence minister, said that a "good luck" letter would be standard, but said Mr. O'Connor's note was "over the top."

"[Mr. Rumsfeld's] not a person that will any more have a major influence over U.S. policy so it's not as if one has to do that to curry favour with the Americans," Mr. McCallum said. "So I think it probably reflects the Harper government's support for the Iraq war to write such a letter.
Since we missed Iraq and the astounding success it's been, Stephen Harper has now decided that we should have our own mini-Iraq in Afghanistan - war without end, money poured down a black hole, young lives sacrificed to help Stevie "punch above his weight".

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